Cost of Dental Implants in San Diego

The cost of dental implants in San Diego is high. The cost of a complete dental implant - dental implant, dental implant abutment, and dental crown is over $3,800.

Implant Dentist of San Diego has a special on dental implants - $2,499. This includes dental implant + abutment + dental crown. This is a good price. However, it is noted that "conditions apply". Also it is not mentioned what brand of implant or type of crown you are getting.

No other dental implant clinic in San Diego, like Cosmetic Dentistry of San Diego or Mission Valley Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery even mention the cost of dental implants. The thinking here is that if you have to ask the cost of a dental implant then you can't afford one.

Costa Rican Dental offers quality (Zimmer, I Biomed, OCO Biomedical) dental implants - dental implant, implant abutment, dental crown - in Costa Rica for 61% less than the cost of dental implants in San Diego.

For more information about getting a New You without paying the high cost of dental implants in San Diego, call (404) 210-9429 or fill out the contact form.

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Costa Rican Dental

Costa Rican Dental works with two of the best dental implant clinics in Costa Rica. One dental implant clinic specializes in 2 stage dental implants for dental situations in which teeth have to be extracted first before dental implants can be placed. The second dental implant clinic specializes in 1 stage dental implants offering the All On 8 dental implant procedure for replacing dentures where teeth have already been extracted.

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